Terms & Conditions

On placing your order you are deemed to have read and accepted our terms & conditions.

  1. We cannot accept responsibility for items once they have been delivered. Please choose a safe secure place for your delivery.
  2. Minimum order for free delivery is $20.
  3. A one off bottle deposit of $5 is required with your first order. If you decide to return the bottles in their original condition, this deposit will be refunded to your bank account. Please let us know if you would like to keep the bottles.
  4. Products are subject to availability.
  5. It is your responsibility to check the ingredients in our products and test before use. These are listed on the product pages. We do not accept any responsibility for any allergic reactions.
  6. The bottles are supplied for refilling your own containers. If you choose not to refill your own containers, we do not accept any responsibility for accidents.
  7. We cannot offer insurance against the products we supply, so it is important  that you test the products before using.
  8. Please keep these products out of reach of children. They should be decanted into a child proof container as soon as practical and kept in a secure place. We do not accept any responsibility for accidental consumption.
  9. Please thoroughly rinse empty bottles before we collect them and that they have their lids.
  10. Please make payment online by credit or debit card as we cannot accept cash on delivery.
  11. We deserve the right to cancel any order that is not economically viable for us to fulfill.
  12. Please choose carefully as we are not able to offer refunds on products once they are decanted into the glass bottles. Refunds on our other products is by discretion.

Updated 29th July 2020