Where do we source our products?

We currently use Ecostore, Ecogreen, Littlefoot & Will & Able for our products as we are satisfied that they offer the most environmentally friendly products in the marketplace and are trusted brands in New Zealand.

Do we re-use the glass bottles or recycle?

We always re-use the bottles. They are washed thoroughly at 70 degrees and stored in clean boxes. 

Do I have to be at home for delivery?

Not at all! We can leave your order somewhere safe and dry if you let us know when you order. 

What commitment is involved?

None at all, if you decide that this is not for you, then just let us know, and we can collect the bottles and refund your deposit.

How are we ensuring the deliveries are environmentally friendly?

We have a Toyota hybrid car that uses 50% less petrol than a normal car. We deliver as much product to one area as we can on the same day to reduce mileage.

Where are we based for collection?

We are based in Oxford, North Canterbury.