econogreen toilet cleaner

econogreen toilet cleaner

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Ecogreen toilet & urinal cleaner is a completely natural, safe, biological product which is highly effective in killing germs & preventing the build up of uric acid, dirt, grime & lime scale in toilet & urinal systems & their surrounding areas including floors, tiles and grouting. It also removes stains & odours & prevents drain flies & expensive plumbing blockages by adhering to the drain walls, thereby reducing waste build up down drains & plumbing. It is safe to us in all toilet systems & is septic system friendly: conventional, waterless toilets, composting toilets, & worm composting systems.

  • Spray & leave
  • Contains beneficial bacteria to remove the source - no deoderising
  • Removes the odour & stain
  • Ideal for all toilet systems -  standard, waterless, composting
  • Helps maintain plumbing from blockages & odour
  • Septic system friendly
  • Continues to work after use
  • Biodegradable
  • Phosphate free
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive & environmentally friendly

Ecogreen Toilet & Urinal Cleaner comprises of a unique formulation containing specifically selected beneficial bacteria to naturally eliminate the source of the problem.

The friendly bacteria used are living organisms which respond to their environment by producing different types of enzymes which are capable of degrading a wide variety of organic matter like urine, sludge, grime and lime scale.

Enzymes don’t have the ability to reproduce or repair themselves, so enzymes have a very limited life span depending on the environment conditions they are in. As bacteria grow on the available food source, they produce fresh enzymes on a continually basis.

Once the odour source has been treated with Ecogreen Toilet & Urinal Cleaner, the friendly bacteria begin to degrade the organic matter breaking it down into simple compounds like carbon dioxide and water.

The natural bacteria used is highly specialized, and can adapted to many different environments allowing it to work on many different types of hard and soft surfaces found in and around the home and work place.

Use daily as a general cleaner for toilets and urinal systems to prevent organic waste build up.

Urinal - Spray liberally around the face of the urinal including and particularly around the drain area. Let the product sit for up to 10-15 minutes. 
Toilet - Spray in and around the bowl of the toilet and leave for up to 10-15 minutes before flushing.

Special Instructions
DO NOT mix with other chemical cleaning products.

For Best Results
Apply the product at the end of the day or when water use is at a minimum.

Clear Liquid

Shelf Life
Store this product out of direct sunlight in a cool dry area. For best results, use within 18 months

Econogreen cleaning products are made from readily renewable and/or biodegradable ingredients. They do not contain any irritants, butyl, phtalates, nor any known carcinogens or endocrine disruptors. 

Ingredients: Organic acid, natural plant extracts and surfectants.

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